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Have you ever been excited to open a chest only to immediately regret your decision when it morphs into one of these bad boys?


“Pardon me kind adventurer, but I do believe you are about to become my lunch.”


Say you are in this situation:


One of them is a fake. One of them is real. Do you A.) – Choose Left or B.) – Choose Right? Do you flip a coin? Do you invoke the gods? Don’t you wish there was an easier way to tell the difference between the two so that you don’t have to risk becoming the lunch for some treasure chest?

Well there is a way to tell the difference and it’s easy! This is how you can tell the difference:


That’s right, a real chest will always have a little green treasure bag hover over it. A fake one – you guessed it – does not have the little green treasure bag appear.



There you have it. Now you are free to avoid the mimic / fake treasure chests with ease! Or you can fight them if you want. You big bully.

Yes, there is a bank and it is located in Protector’s Enclave. The bank is named Manycoins and can be found on your map. To access your map, press M on your keyboard. If you are having trouble finding it on your map, here is the location pointed out for you:




There are two personal bankers (Amber Lill and Kala Holt) and a guild banker (Fenton Udall) located in front of the Manycoins Bank. The guild banker in the middle is only usable if you are currently in a guild that has purchased at least the first Repository slot. The personal bankers are available to any character on your account and are located to the left and the right of the guild banker.



Each character on your account has his or her own personal bank account – that is to say, the personal bank isn’t shared between your characters. You have 16 starter slots available per character on your account. If you need additional slots, you’ll have to buy them using Zen. For 600 Zen, you’ll unlock an additional 16 slots. Keep in mind that these slots do not open account wide – for every character you’ll have to spend 600 Zen if you want to unlock 16 additional slots for his or her personal bank account. To buy these slots, just click the Buy Manycoins Bank Slots button located on the bottom left of the Bank screen that appears when you talk to either Personal Banker.


You may convert Astral Diamonds to Zen via the Astral Diamond Exchange. To access the Exchange, press Alt on your keyboard to use your mouse then click the third icon from the left on the toolbar at the top of your screen (the icon looks like a Z with a diamond to the side of it).



After clicking the button, the Astral Diamond Exchange will appear:



Here you can either convert Astral Diamonds to Zen or Zen to Astral Diamonds. If you are wanting to convert Astral Diamonds to Zen, you are already at the right screen. Put in the amount of Zen you are looking to buy at the rate of Astral Diamonds you are willing to pay. Look under the Top ZEN Listings to get an idea of what the current exchange rate is. After putting in the unit price (For example, 340 Astral Diamonds each to 100 Zen), the amount of Astral Diamonds (in this case, 34,000 Astral Diamonds) will be taken from your Characters wealth and stored at the Exchange until someone lists Zen for sale at your desired price.



If you make a mistake or otherwise just want to cancel your listing, click the Listings Tab (make sure the Exchange window is open first), find the listing you want to cancel and click the Cancel button.



No matter if you decide to cancel your listing or keep it active until someone agrees to your price, you’ll need to withdraw your Astral Diamonds OR Zen from the Exchange. To do so, open up the Exchange and at the bottom right click the “Withdraw” button. You are now able to withdraw a portion – or all – of your Exchange holdings to whichever character you are currently on (the characters on your account share the Exchange). If you’d rather your other character(s) to have the Astral Diamonds or Zen, then be sure to log on to them first before withdrawing from your Exchange account.


You will be able to get a mount at level 20. You will get a new quest guiding you called “Giddy Up!” – press U on your keyboard to see and accept this quest or you can visit Sergeant Knox in Protector’s Enclave to get the quest. You’ll be charged with heading to the Mount Merchant, Brendon Canter.



Talk to Brendon Canter and you will see several basic mounts available for 5 gold. You’re probably not going to have enough gold at this point to outright purchase a mount but that’s ok! Your level 20 Adventurer’s Reward chest will have several Mount Requisition Tokens inside of it. These Mount Requisition Tokens can be used to rent a mount. These mount rentals will last for 5 hours in-game time (When you are logged on your character that rented the mount, the time ticks down. When you are logged off, the time pauses). This will give you plenty of time to save up the 5 gold necessary to purchase a permanent mount of your own.

You’ll be able to rent one of two mounts – the Brindle Horse or the Sabino Horse. They perform the same so the difference is only aesthetically. Pick whichever one you like more!


After making your choice, your rented mount will be sent to your inventory. Pull up your inventory by pressing the i key on your keyboard and locate your mount. Right click on it and click “Use”. This will now equip the horse right next to your Consumables bar. To ride the mount, either press Alt and click the picture of the horse on your bar or press the number 6 key on your keyboard. Congratulations, you’re now riding your first mount!


Starting at level 10 you will be able to PVP. Press K on your keyboard and under “PVP Queues” you’ll se the option to join a “PVP: Domination”. Click Join and you’ll be entered in a queue. When your queue fills up, you’ll then have the option of joining them in PVP against an opposing team. You’ll also be given a new task quest in regards to PVP (Press U on your keyboard and you’ll see the “New Task! Domination” quest). Alternatively, you’ll be able to accept this quest from Sergeant Knox in Protector’s Enclave.



After accepting the quest, head to the “Trade of Blades” and enter. If you are having trouble finding it, here is where it is located on your map. To access your map, press M on your keyboard.



After finding the Trade of Blades, enter inside and talk to the Domination Battlemaster and complete your quest. You can queue up for your first PVP battle either directly from him or you can leave the Trade of Blades and queue manually by pressing K on your keyboard and under “PVP Queues” click the Join button next to the “PVP: Domination” option. When your queue is ready you’ll see a popup alerting you and asking you to confirm. Enter the queue and when it is ready you’ll be entered into PVP action!



So you’ve gotten your first Nightmare Lockbox, now what? Well you open it of course! It can contain a plethora of items, from the epic Heavy Inferno Nightmare mount to Jeweled Idols which can be traded to Rhix in Protector’s Enclave for a large amount of Astral Diamonds. In order to open the Nightmare Lockbox, locate it in your inventory, right click on it and click “Open Box” or just double click on the box.


Uh oh, looks like you don’t have an Enchanted Key!



That’s fine – Enchanted Keys are available for purchase anytime from the Zen Market at the price of 125 Zen or $1.25 USD each. If you already have Zen to spend, you can purchase one just buy clicking on the “Purchase and Unlock Box” on the image above.

You can also buy an Enchanted Key directly from the Zen Market if you’ve already closed the above image. To get to the Zen Market, press the Y key on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can press the Alt button on your keyboard and use your mouse to click on the fifth icon from the left on the toolbar at the top of your screen (it’s shaped like a large fancy Z).


Either way, you’ll end up at the Zen Market:




To find the Enchanted Key, click on the “Items” button and the Enchanted Key can be found all the way to the right on the first row of items available for Purchase. Click Enchanted Key then click the “125 Buy” button. If you don’t have enough Zen, you can always buy more directly from Perfect World by clicking the “Buy Zen” button in the lower left of the Zen Market.



Is there another way to get an Enchanted Key? One that doesn’t involve real life currency?


Some players will buy the keys and resell them for gold. The going price is usually between 30-35 gold per key. If you don’t have the gold, you can also find them listed on the Auction House for Astral Diamonds. While the price fluctuates, you can usually get them for between 40,000 and 45,000 Astral Diamonds per key.

You can also convert your own Astral Diamonds into Zen if you’d rather do that. In order to do that, visit the Astral Diamond Exchange and purchase Zen for your hard earned Astral Diamonds.

Starting at Level 11, you will get a quest to Invoke the Gods. You can either get this quest by pressing U on your keyboard and accepting the “New Task” quest or you can get the quest from Sergeant Knox in Protector’s Enclave. After receiving the quest, you’ll be asked to go to Aralynn the Pious to learn about invocation. She’s located relatively close to Sergeant Knox:



After talking to Aralynn the Pious, she’ll tell you to try out invoking. You will now be able to Pray or Invoke – go ahead and try it out! Press and hold down the CTRL key and I key on your keyboard at the same time to Invoke. Alternatively, you can click the icon near the upper right of your screen to invoke (be sure to press Alt first so you can freely move your mouse).



You can invoke once per hour and you will receive various rewards for doing so, ranging from free Astral Diamonds and Experience Points to random potions that can temporarily enhance your abilities. You can only receive Celestial Coins and Ardent Coins once per day, however.



Be sure to invoke at least once per day – this ensures that your Ardent Coins will not expire. While your Celestial Coins *never* expire, your Ardent Coins will expire in one day and five hours from your last Invocation. You can have a maximum of 7 Ardent Coins at any given time (or 7 days worth of praying) so be sure to spend them if you’re at your maximum of 7 Ardent Coins so that you don’t miss out on getting one.

If you start running low on Scrolls of Identification (commonly called ID scrolls) you can always buy more from the Wondrous Bazaar using Astral Diamonds. To easily access the Bazaar, press the Alt key on your keyboard then click the fourth icon from the left on the toolbar at the top of your screen (it’s shaped like a Diamond).



Click the 1. Store option and you’ll be taken to the Wondrous Bazaar shop. Here you can choose what level of scroll you need. There are three different versions of Identification Scrolls:

Lesser Scroll of Identification can identify items up to Level 29. (15 Astral Diamonds)
Scrolls of Identification can identify items up to Level 59. (45 Astral Diamonds)
Greater Scrolls of Identification can identify items that are Level 60. (125 Astral Diamonds)


At level 16 you’ll get a quest either from Sergeant Knox or by pressing the U key on your keyboard then accepting the “New Task! Obtain a Companion” quest. After accepting the quest, you’ll want to head to The Grand Emporium and talk to the NPC Bael An Ashock. If you’re having trouble locating it, just press M to pull up your map and look for the golden hand icon on the map. If you’re still having trouble, here is where it is and how it looks:





After entering the Emporium, find Bael An Ashock (he’s in the back) and talk to him. He’ll ask you to choose from several different companions.



Each companion is different so you’ll want to pay close attention to what Bael has to say about each of them.








After deciding which one is best for you, click the “I’ll choose the <companion>” and whichever one you chose will be sent to your inventory, free of charge. You’ll now need to equip the companion like you would a piece of armor or a weapon. Open up your inventory, right click the companion and click Bind. The companion will now be bound to you and you’ll have to give it a name. You do not get the pick the gender of the companion (Man-at-Arms and Wayward Wizard are Male, Cleric Disciple is Female. Dog is unknown) so keep that in mind while naming them.



After equipping your companion, you’ll have to summon them. To summon your companion, press the Equal sign (+/=) key on your keyboard. Now, click Summon and your companion will come to your aide!




After summoning your companion, you’ll get the next part of the quest which is to first talk to the Emporium vendor then talk to the Zen Vendor who is next to her. After talking to the Zen Vendor, the quest will update again. The final step is to collect the chest in front of them for a Companion Rune to complete the quest. Congratulations! You now have your first Companion.



To enter Stealth as a Trickster Rogue, simply press the TAB key on your keyboard when your Stealth Meter is full. You will remain in stealth for several seconds as your Stealth Meter depletes. Then you will need to wait until it fills up again before re-entering stealth. Note: Trickster Rogues obtain their Stealth ability at level 10.