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So you’ve been getting plenty of Rank 1, 2, 3 and 4 Enchantments and Runestones over your character’s career, taking up tons of valuable bag space in the process. Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine them together and create more powerful Enchantments and Runestones for you to use on your gear while simultaneously freeing up precious bag space? Keep reading to find out how.

runestone_overload“HELP! Where did all my bag space go?”

To fuse your Enchantments or Runestones, you’ll need four or more of that level and type of Enchantment or Runestone. For example, here are four Rank 1 Radiant Enchantments:


In order to access the fusion window, either double click on the Enchantments or right click on the Enchantments and click “Fuse into Greater”.


You will either have a fusion success or a failure, as shown by the following images:


If you are successful, you will create a single Rank 2 Radiant Enchantment. If you are not successful, you’ll lose one of your Rank 1 Enchantments and will have to get another one in order to try again.

Once you have four Rank 2 Enchantments, you’ll be able to create one Rank 3 Enchantment. Once you have four Rank 3 Enchantments, you’ll be able to create one Rank 4 Enchantment. They will max out at Rank 10.

As you start fusing your Enchantments and Runestones into higher and higher ranks, you may notice that your chance at a successful fusion decreases rapidly with each Enchantment rank increase, so much so that you will eventually have to start using items to help aide in the successful fusion of your Enchantments and Runestones.

In my opinion, you are safe in creating up to Rank 5 Enchantments just by fusing the previous ranks together without using a Preservation Ward or a Coalescent Ward. However, Rank 6 Enchantments only have a 40% success rate. It is at this point I recommend to start using Preservation Wards to protect your Rank 5 fusions from being destroyed in case of a fusion failure.

It’s really easy to check to see if it is worth using a Preservation Ward or not. Go to the auction house and look up the current price in Astral Diamonds for Preservation Wards. While the price will vary, the price at the time of this posting was about 4,000 AD for one Preservation Ward.

Now look up the Rank 5 of the type of Enchantment or Runestone you are about to try to fuse. For this example, I’m using the Rank 5 Dark Enchantment. As of this posting, they were going for around 6,000 Astral Diamonds. This means that it’s cheaper to lose a Preservation Ward, so it’s time to equip those wards on your fusion screen! If the fusion fails, it will protect your Enchantments or Runestones from being destroyed. The Preservation Ward, however, will be destroyed in the process and you’ll need to equip another one to protect your Enchantments. To equip one, just click the “Ward” button and select a Preservation Ward from your inventory while on the fusion screen.


When you start to fuse Rank 6’s together, you’ll see that you only have a 30% chance to get a Rank 7. Now is definitely the time to start using Preservation Wards if you are not already using them as you will fail more than one out of every three fusions. Making a Rank 8 Enchantment you’ll only have a 25% chance of success. One out of every four will be a failure. Making a Rank 9 Enchantment you’ll only have a 20% chance of success, and finally making a Rank 10 Enchantment will only have a 10% chance of success.

While Preservation Wards may be sufficient to protect your mid-tier ranks, such as Rank 5 and Rank 6, and allow you to progress to Rank 7, getting beyond Rank 7’s using just Preservation Wards is going to be a hassle. That is where Coalescent Wards come in. A Coalescent Ward, when paired with 4 of the same rank Enchantment or Runestone, will guarantee a fusion of those Runestones or Enchantments. For example, if you use a Coalescent Ward while trying to fuse four Rank 6 Enchantments, you are guaranteed to get a Rank 7 Enchantment in return. This comes at a cost of course – the Coalescent Ward itself. To equip a Coalescent Ward, equip it the same way you would the Preservation Ward, by clicking the Ward button on the Fusion screen and selecting the Coalescent Ward from your inventory.


Coalescent Wards generally come from two places. One is the Zen Market, but as it stands, it is extremely overpriced there and I do not recommend buying it from there – Save your Zen for something that can benefit your entire account, such as a rare or epic mount. Your second obvious place is going to be the Auction House and you’ll find them reasonable anywhere between 100,000 AD to 120,000 AD. Likewise if you are lucky, a player may be selling one for gold. Expect to pay upwards of 100-150 gold per Coalescent Ward if you manage to buy one from another player. There is, however, a third option at gaining Coalescent Wards – saving up your Celestial Coins and buying a Coffer of Wondrous Augmentation from the Celestial Synergy tab at the Vault of Piety.

This is a wise purchase in my opinion as it’ll use up your maximum allowance of coins every time (Remember, you can only have a maximum of 7 Celestial Coins on your character at any given time. If you don’t use them, you won’t get anymore until you buy something from the Celestial Synergy tab in the Vault of Piety). After making your purchase of the Coffer of Wondrous Augmentation, open your inventory and locate it. It’ll look like a blue chest. Double click on it or right click on it and click open and click ok on the prompt that appears. The chest will now open and reveal the goodies within. If you are lucky, you’ll get a Coalescent Ward on your first try! If not, feel free to save up another 7 coins and try your luck again.

So how common are Coalescent Wards when compared to Preservation Wards when opening the Coffer of Wondrous Augmentation? After a little over 100 total Coffers opened, I’ve found that the following are fairly accurate odds:

80% Chance of getting a Preservation Ward
20% Chance of getting a Coalescent Ward

This means you should get a Coalescent Ward in one out of every five Coffers you open.

When are Coalescent Wards an absolute must you may ask? When using special Epic Enchantments such as Weapon Enchantments and Armor Enchantments that come in shard form. Unlike with the Rank 1-10 Enchantments, they are not usable while in Shard Form. Like with the Rank 1-10 Enchantments, however, you’ll need four of them to fuse together in order to make a usable Enchantment and then an additional four to create more powerful versions of said Epic Enchantments. Coalescent Wards are an absolute must for these Epic Enchantments because they have a successful fusion rate of just 1%! In other words, if you don’t use a Coalescent Ward, you are in all likelihood going to lose a Shard.


For example, to create a Lesser Bilethorn Enchantment, you’ll need 4 Shards of Bilethorn Enchantment. After gathering the four shards, double click them to open the fusion window. You’ll have to equip a Coalescent Ward, which will guarantee a successful fusion – however, this means the Coalescent Ward will be consumed in the process. You will be presented with a shiny Lesser Bilethorn Enchantment for your troubles, however!


In order to create higher ranks of these Epic Enchantments, you’ll need to collect more shards, create more of the Lesser Enchantments, and fuse four of the Lesser Enchantments together to create a Normal Enchantment. Four Normal Enchantments creates a Greater Enchantment and Four of those make a Perfect Enchantment which is the maximum level currently for Epic Enchantments.