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So you’ve gotten your first Nightmare Lockbox, now what? Well you open it of course! It can contain a plethora of items, from the epic Heavy Inferno Nightmare mount to Jeweled Idols which can be traded to Rhix in Protector’s Enclave for a large amount of Astral Diamonds. In order to open the Nightmare Lockbox, locate it in your inventory, right click on it and click “Open Box” or just double click on the box.


Uh oh, looks like you don’t have an Enchanted Key!



That’s fine – Enchanted Keys are available for purchase anytime from the Zen Market at the price of 125 Zen or $1.25 USD each. If you already have Zen to spend, you can purchase one just buy clicking on the “Purchase and Unlock Box” on the image above.

You can also buy an Enchanted Key directly from the Zen Market if you’ve already closed the above image. To get to the Zen Market, press the Y key on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can press the Alt button on your keyboard and use your mouse to click on the fifth icon from the left on the toolbar at the top of your screen (it’s shaped like a large fancy Z).


Either way, you’ll end up at the Zen Market:




To find the Enchanted Key, click on the “Items” button and the Enchanted Key can be found all the way to the right on the first row of items available for Purchase. Click Enchanted Key then click the “125 Buy” button. If you don’t have enough Zen, you can always buy more directly from Perfect World by clicking the “Buy Zen” button in the lower left of the Zen Market.



Is there another way to get an Enchanted Key? One that doesn’t involve real life currency?


Some players will buy the keys and resell them for gold. The going price is usually between 30-35 gold per key. If you don’t have the gold, you can also find them listed on the Auction House for Astral Diamonds. While the price fluctuates, you can usually get them for between 40,000 and 45,000 Astral Diamonds per key.

You can also convert your own Astral Diamonds into Zen if you’d rather do that. In order to do that, visit the Astral Diamond Exchange and purchase Zen for your hard earned Astral Diamonds.