Category: Trade of Blades

Starting at level 10 you will be able to PVP. Press K on your keyboard and under “PVP Queues” you’ll se the option to join a “PVP: Domination”. Click Join and you’ll be entered in a queue. When your queue fills up, you’ll then have the option of joining them in PVP against an opposing team. You’ll also be given a new task quest in regards to PVP (Press U on your keyboard and you’ll see the “New Task! Domination” quest). Alternatively, you’ll be able to accept this quest from Sergeant Knox in Protector’s Enclave.



After accepting the quest, head to the “Trade of Blades” and enter. If you are having trouble finding it, here is where it is located on your map. To access your map, press M on your keyboard.



After finding the Trade of Blades, enter inside and talk to the Domination Battlemaster and complete your quest. You can queue up for your first PVP battle either directly from him or you can leave the Trade of Blades and queue manually by pressing K on your keyboard and under “PVP Queues” click the Join button next to the “PVP: Domination” option. When your queue is ready you’ll see a popup alerting you and asking you to confirm. Enter the queue and when it is ready you’ll be entered into PVP action!