When do you get a mount?

You will be able to get a mount at level 20. You will get a new quest guiding you called “Giddy Up!” – press U on your keyboard to see and accept this quest or you can visit Sergeant Knox in Protector’s Enclave to get the quest. You’ll be charged with heading to the Mount Merchant, Brendon Canter.



Talk to Brendon Canter and you will see several basic mounts available for 5 gold. You’re probably not going to have enough gold at this point to outright purchase a mount but that’s ok! Your level 20 Adventurer’s Reward chest will have several Mount Requisition Tokens inside of it. These Mount Requisition Tokens can be used to rent a mount. These mount rentals will last for 5 hours in-game time (When you are logged on your character that rented the mount, the time ticks down. When you are logged off, the time pauses). This will give you plenty of time to save up the 5 gold necessary to purchase a permanent mount of your own.

You’ll be able to rent one of two mounts – the Brindle Horse or the Sabino Horse. They perform the same so the difference is only aesthetically. Pick whichever one you like more!


After making your choice, your rented mount will be sent to your inventory. Pull up your inventory by pressing the i key on your keyboard and locate your mount. Right click on it and click “Use”. This will now equip the horse right next to your Consumables bar. To ride the mount, either press Alt and click the picture of the horse on your bar or press the number 6 key on your keyboard. Congratulations, you’re now riding your first mount!


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